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With a focus on creativity and imagination, Rosalind Ridout is an adventurous and versatile performer and musician. Rosalind's interest in ecology shapes her work as she seeks a move away from Western society's anthropocentric focus through engagement with the interrelations of the more-than-human world. She is interested in cultivating an eco-literate artistic and teaching practice within the context of Dalcroze Eurhythmics, with its emphasis on experience, movement and the senses, and this is the focus of her doctoral research.


Trained as a flute player (both modern flute and baroque flute), much of Rosalind’s work is informed by movement, space, and music’s relationship to the body. Rosalind’s musical interests lie primarily in the baroque and contemporary repertories, and experimental, cross-discipline theatre. A founding member of SHOAL, an ensemble which specialises in experimental and collaborative performance, she is also a founding member of Endelienta Baroque, with whom she plays baroque flute.

She has played in workshops with ensembles such as the Academy of Ancient Music and the Britten Sinfonia, and has worked with numerous composers, including Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Thea Musgrave and and Eyvind Gulbrandsen, and has performed alongside musicians such as Psappa  and Markus Stockhausen.

Rosalind is an experienced workshop leader and educator. She teaches Dalcroze Eurhythmics at Junior Guildhall on Saturdays and works as Director of Music in a school in Hampton, London.

A music graduate of the University of Cambridge, Rosalind previously spent a year studying flute at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, and went on to complete her Masters' at the Royal Northern College of Music as an ABRSM scholar, graduating with distinction.​​


Rosalind's love for the more-than-human world and desire to find new ways of connection means she can often be found outside: walking, moving, meditating, making music, or trail running.

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