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Listening to Corelli through my body

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

A few weeks ago now, Endelienta Baroque were recording some of our favourite repertoire in St Cuthbert's Church, a beautiful, both visually and acoustically, space in Earl's Court. It was a long day: we rehearsed, had photos taken, rehearsed some more, then made the recordings. Recordings are always exhausting - I love performing but I hate feeling like I have to 'get it right'. I prefer to be a risk taker, so these situations feel unnatural to me and stress me out.

Thankfully, I had some time to rest in between the pieces that I was in. The day was taking it out of me mentally and physically so I took myself to the floor, lay down, and let myself listen to Maxim's violin sonata.

Back on the floor.

Body melting outwards,

Earth holding my weight.

The gut strings vibrate,

The wood reverberates now,

The air carries sound.

Music comes through me,

Starting at my fingertips

Through my shoulder blades.

Ears are unneeded

As my body resonates

And I hear truly.

And I hear beauty.

And my body feels beauty,

Listening fully.

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